Tune In To YES10
YES Montreal


TUNE IN TO YES9 was an amazing success raising close to $80,000 to maintain and improve YES’ essential services -- providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses. Thank you to all those who participated - we hope to see you again this year.

Praise for TUNE IN TO YES
Just a quick note to congratulate you on TUNE IN TO YES2.
I had a wonderful time! I know how much work there is behind all of this: especially the silent auction, the door prizes, the gifts bags for everyone! Wow! Bravo and I can't wait for the next edition!

Liette Lamonde
Executive Director
Fondation du maire de Montréal
If you live here and are a starting artist, come to YES Montreal! I’ve been their client for the last 3 years and I’ve gotten so much inspiration, information and help from them! I believe in the power of helping each other and they have certainly helped me find the right path to take my business as an artist into another level!

Norma Andreu / Cara Carmina
Creative Connections Event, YES Artist Client since 2011