Tune In To YES 11
YES Montreal


TUNE IN TO YES9 was an amazing success raising close to $80,000 to maintain and improve YES’ essential services -- providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses. Thank you to all those who participated - we hope to see you again this year.

Praise for TUNE IN TO YES
Congrats to the YES staff! What a great night. The venue was terrific,
the atmosphere was great, and the entertainment was superb! My
guests and I had a wonderful evening.

David Moscovitz
I would like to give particular recognition to Monika Majewski and Annalise Iten. They both took a more 'holistic' approach to counselling/coaching, by really taking the time to assess where I was at psychologically, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. For example, Monika was able to determine that my main obstacle to completing my book was not a lack of determination or perseverance, but rather an issue of time management. After a few meetings discussing simple time-management techniques, I saw measurable changes in my progress almost instantly. As for Annalise, she was able to recognize my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for music, and rather than simply helping me refine my resume and quickly finding a job that may not have been a good fit, she chose I path that lead me to where I am now, which I can honestly say is the BEST possible scenario I could have imagined. I am truly grateful for everything that YES Montreal has done for me.

Chris Wares, Justin Time Records
YES Job Search/Artists Program July 2011